Who is the world’s best Batsman?

The most frequently asked question by many audiences is that who is the world’s best batsman in the world in all the formats T20, Test series, One Day.

The question arises that which player can server the quality of runs with keeping a hand on the average run rate which is the most important factor matter a lot.

Accordingly the topmost commenters of cricket and detailed analysis. The batsmen who fit in all the formats is one and only Virat Kholi.

Worls Best Batsman?
World’s Best Batsman?

If we Look at the stats of Virat Kholi they are mindblowing. The average Runs in Test Format 55.0 in just 84 matches which is slightly lower than the Rohit Sharma & Steve Smith. But Looking at ODI stats the average runs are 59.84 with 11609 runs which shows the top stats of an emerging youngster who is prepared to break all the records. If Virat Kholi shows his inform cricket consistency he can also break the records of (God of cricket) Sachin Tendulkar.

Best Batsman In Test Cricket?

If we analyze the current situation of the Test Cricket. Steve Smith leads the board. Steve Smith has an average of 62.8 which is slightly higher than Virat Kholi. Steve Smith is Consistently showing his skills in test cricket. As steve smith has many personal problems in his cricket journey but comes up with all the problems steve smith showed his courage in the form of performance.

Will Virat break 100 Hundred records?

If Virat plays up to 38-40 years cricket and shows his in form cricket which he plays currently then it is definitely possible that Virat Kholi will break the record of Sachin Tendulkar. In a Sachin’s interview he had also told that my 100 hundred records is only beaten by Virat Kohli.

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