IPL 2020 Exclusive | SRH Using Camel Bats? Allowed? Not Allowed?

In IPL 2020 every year new technologies and new innovation are used to enhance the creativity of the players and also of the audience.

In between Latest News comes up that Sunrisers Hyderabad will be using camel bat this IPL 2020. [points table]

Let us see What is the camel Bat? What is the use of Camel Bat? What are the advantages of the camel bat in IPL? Is it allowed in matches? Why only SRH is using it?

What is the camel Bat?

As in normal bats consists of strong thickness in the backside of the bat. In face front of that is known as a sweet spot. If the ball hits the middle of the bat the shot is perfect timing. In Heavy bats, the sweet spot is very deep due to which timing is very perfect. Payers like Dhoni.
But in Camel Bats, there are 2 Sweet spots. Due to this 2 sweet spot, the conversion becomes double. the Timing of the bat Swing is accurate for the camel bat.
camel bat

What are uses of the camel bat?

Mainly the camel bat is only for the players who miss time the shot as there are 2sweet spots if the ball doesn’t hit 1 sweet spit it can hit the other. Normally the camel bat is used by the players who come between no 5 to 6.

Why only SRH is using the camel bat in IPL 2020?

As Sunrisers Hyderabad’s lower order is slightly low in IPL 2020 as compared to other teams. But still, BCCI has not allowed using this bat but they will allow it surely because Cricket Australia Big Bash has allowed in their league.

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