IPL 2020 Exclusive | 5 All-New Changes in IPL 2020 By BCCI.

Indan premiere League is the biggest T20 cricket which is famous all over the world.

IPL is totally controlled by BCCI ( Board of control for cricket in India ).In IPL Auction which was held on 19 Dec, 2019 at Kolkata BCCI announced its Rule & Regulation with some of the improvements. Leaving it aside all new regulations are incurred by BCCI on 31 Dec 2019.

Following are the All-New Changes in IPL 2020:

India captain Virat Kohli speaks to the media during a press conference at Old Trafford on July 08, 2019, in Manchester, England. (Photo by Gareth Copley/Getty Images)

1: Back to back Super Over Allowed?

As Rule incurred for all ODIs and T20 matches is if the match goes Draw and Super over takes place if super over also gets Tie the result is been confirmed on the bases of maximum fours the full match. As in ICC World Cup, the match was drawn and super over also became draw the result was finalized on the bases of a maximum of 4’s of the team.
But in IPL 2020 this is restricted. If the match goes draw & super over also gets draw then one more super over will be held and so on ending up with the leading Run scorer.

2: Additional Umpire for No Ball Check?

BCCI president Sourabh Ganguly has announced an additional umpire for No ball checking in the match. Up to IPL 2019, there was only 3 umpire from which 2 umpires remain on the ground and the third umpire remains at the control room to inspect the computerized decisions which are impossible to see by the human eyes. But additionally, they are introducing 4th umpire for No Ball correction.

3: Mid Season Transfer?

We have a detailed article about it. Check it out: https://www.ipl2020score.in/ipl-2020-exclusive-2/

4: No Opening Ceremony?

As in every IPL before starting an opening ceremony is conducted to gather all the players in one place. But BCCI has decided not to waste money on the IPL opening ceremony. BCCI can make any changes time going. In IPL 2019 also the opening ceremony was not been held due the money was donated to the families of the soldiers who have lost them. But this year the reason is not to waste money on the opening ceremony.

5: Change in timing of matches?

As all-time IPL starts at 8 pm but in IPL 2020 the time has been changed to 7 pm. But there is no exact confirmation on it.

So, these are the changes in IPL 2020…

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