4 Strongest Teams of IPL 2020 ( seen in playoffs )

IPL 2020 teams have the strongest players of all over the countries. We can’t tell any team that they will not reach the IPL 2020 playoffs. In IPL 2020 Auction all the team’s owners have owned all the top players of Indian Players & overseas players. Let’s see the top 4 teams of IPL 2020?

1: Mumbai Indians:

Mumbai Indians TeamIPL  2020
Mumbai Indians Still Being the best team in 2020

Mumbai Indians have created history by winning 4 trophies getting ahead of Chennai super kings. Mumbai Indians have a very strong team in all the IPL with most Indian players with absolute experienced players in India. Also, Mumbai Indians have well established experienced overseas players. Who is doing great in all the formats? So, in IPL 2020 also Mumbai Indians have a great chance of getting their steps in playoffs of ipl 2020.

2:Royal Challengers Banglore:

Royal Challenger Banglore team IPL 2020
Royal Challenger Banglore team IPL 2020

Royal Challengers don’t have the great IPL in their stats. But in IPL 2020 Auction RCB has enclosed top players in their team. They have the top seamers of south Africa. So, this year IPL 2020 RCB has a great chance to qualify for IPL 2020 Playoffs.

3: Chennai Super Kings:

Chenna Super Kings Squad IPL 2020
Chenna Super Kings Squad IPL 2020

The one & only one team to qualify playoffs each and every whenever they have played the IPL.They have also achieved 3 trophies in IPL history. In IPL 2020 this team is looking very strong to step off in IPL 2020 playoffs.

4: Kings XI Punjab:

Kings XI Punjab Team 2020
Kings XI Punjab Team 2020

Kings XI Punjab has not created any achievement in the IPL history by winning the trophy but in IPL 2020 Auction they have created a team of all top-class players. Their Batting order is very strong as compared to other teams. There are very high chances for reaching IPL 2020 playoffs.

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